We Now Have Coal!!

I just picked up 2,500 pounds of good pea sized bituminous coal in 50 pound bags. It will be available for $25 per bag to CBA members. During my trip up to Sacramento to get this I also went anvil shopping and came back with a few that will be available after mid March. One of them is a excellent condition 218 pound Peter Wright. Also a near unused 168 pound John Brooks with matching stand.



  • Meibao Nee

    Hi there,
    This is Meibao. I’d like to have a blacksmith set up a blacksmith shop for me in my barn. I have the forge, a blower, and tools. Am also looking for a blacksmith teacher to come when my grandchildren visit and other children visit to teach them basic blacksmithing. Would like to buy a small anvil. Please call me if you are interested at 966-2518. I have some coal from CO, but if the shop gets going, I might be interested in purchasing more.

    • Wizard

      I would love to help get you going over there. I believe I talked to you at the Mariposa Fair last year or so. I am leaving for Arizona at the moment but I will be back later next month. Message me here when you are ready to set it up and we will coordinate our calendars.

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