September 9th CBA Meeting,Urgent Message Part Two

URGENT!! This coming Saturdays CBA meeting has been canceled due to recent nearby fire activity. The Railroad Fire has not progressed the last two days in our direction but I want to be sure to not put any of you in danger if the fire decides to “wake up”. Meetings will resume October 14th. Any questions please call me at 559-760-0092 or message me here.



URGENT!! Please keep a close eye on this page for updates on this upcoming CBA meeting this Saturday. We are under evacuation advisory at this time and I’m in and out of the property at the moment. If the Railroad Fire is still progressing I will cancel the meeting for safety reasons. Look for an update on Thursday.

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  • Cate Cannon

    Hello Jake!

    Cate Cannon here, hoping to come tomorrow with a friend. How can I find you?
    I’m textable at 209-769-6155,
    emailable at
    and home tonight 209-966-2428
    If you get this — dead last minute, so sorry — please don’t hesitate to call if that is most convenient for you.
    Hope you’re thriving! Cheers!

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