Meet Ups Are Starting Up Again!!

Here’s the news we have all been waiting for! We will be opening up for our meet up this coming April 10th!BUT, we are only going to be opening on a limited basis for the next couple of months till this pandemic is under better control. So here is what we are going to do.

1. Limited amount of people. There will be only family groups or pandemic pods at each forge/anvil. Jim Kirby and I will set that up the day before. 7 forges available but 2 are taken. You will to RSVP here to reserve a space.

2. Masks are required when away from your “pod”.

3. Please observe social distancing when talking with others.

4. Any tools used from here are to be placed on a provided table at the end for cleaning, I’ll do that later.

5. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided. We have made it this far folks! We can get through the next 5-6 months and we can FULLY open if we take care of each other.

As of this writing there is still four slots available for this Saturday.


  • Annie Scott

    my son is interested. Total beginner. do you have room in a glass?

    • Wizard

      We have very limited space right now till things open up more. We also don’t host “classes” it is more like a self paced program where people can get help as they progress. Next question, is he an adult? If not, they has to be a family member there with them to help. This is due to some issues that happened in the past where parents basically dumped their kids off. The best thing is for you to give me a call at 559-760-1601 to go over requirements/costs to attend. Also we have a Facebook page where there is up to date info for our meet ups. I cannot link it here but it is “Yosemite Area CBA”.

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