For Sale 449 Pound Peter Wright Anvil

SOLD 1-14-2017


449 Pound Peter Wright Anvil. This London Pattern anvil has 80% rebound. Face has some marks and the edges have a few minor torch marks. See pictures. 

$1,950 plus S&H

I accept Visa, MC and PayPal

Note: Swage blocks show in one picture are not part of this sale. The closest is available on this website.


Weight: 449 Pounds

Length: 37 1/2″

Height: 15 3/4″

Face: 6″

Hardie: 1 3/4″

Prichel: 11/16″


img_8165-copy img_8166-copy img_8167-copy img_8168-copy


  • david

    what are the english weight numbers stamped in it?

    • Wizard

      Sorry to say that anvils has been gone for a long time now and I don’t have record of the “stone” weights that were stamped on it. My computer crashed bad last spring and I lost all my good pictures on it.

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