For Sale 730 Pound Anvil


For Sale, 730 pound North German Pattern double horn with (short) upsetting block. This monster of an anvil is for those folks that absolutely have to have the biggest anvil in town. This super sized anvil has fantastic rebound and a smooth face with good edges. Anvil is stamped”FB” (see pictures) but I have been unable to find who manufactured this one.


Weight: 730 pounds

Length: 43 7/8″

Face: 6 7/8″

Height: 17″

Hardie: 1 1/2″

Pritchel: 1″ Plugged 1″ down but drillable.

Price: $5,500

Shipping available at buyers expense.

For Sale Swage Block With Stand


For Sale, Swage Block with Stand both made in Germany. This swage block is in good condition that has had one face milled not long ago. The hot riveted stand is very well built. Block is 227 pounds.

Size: 17 3/8″ X 17 3/8″ X 4

Price: $850 (includes stand)

Shipping available at buyers expense.

For Sale 441 Pound Swage Block


SOLD 01-08-2021

441 pound monster swage block made in Germany. This one is in excellent condition. The smallest square hole is plugged with some dirt.

Size: 21 3/4″ X 21 3/4″ X 4 3/4″

Price: $1,200

Shipping available at buyers expense.

Still Shut Down

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we are still shut down for our monthly meet ups here. Our local areas have been slipping backwards as far as percentages of positive cases and hospital admissions. Hopefully this trend will change soon.
So, NO meet up this Saturday July 11th and don’t count on August 8th either.
If you need to contact me, call my cell at 559-760-1601.

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