Still Shut Down

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we are still shut down for our monthly meet ups here. Our local areas have been slipping backwards as far as percentages of positive cases and hospital admissions. Hopefully this trend will change soon.
So, NO meet up this Saturday July 11th and don’t count on August 8th either.
If you need to contact me, call my cell at 559-760-1601.

Contact Information

The contact info linked here on this page is not working at this time. Messages only sometimes make it to my email and then they are unanswerable for some reason.
Please use my personal email here:
If you want to call me use:
Thank You
Steven Jacobs


In light of the COVID 19 virus our monthly meet ups/workshops are postponed till further notice. With a majority of our members in the at risk group I feel this is the best decision for this situation.
Take care and be safe out there!
If you need to contact me please call my cell:



New Stock Is Here!

My shipment from Austria has arrived and has been inventoried in. Most anvils are over 300 pounds and they are very high quality German and Swedish made. I still have a few English anvils from a shipment back in December.

2-300 pound range: 2 anvils

3-400 pound range: 10 anvils

4-500 pound range: 7 anvils

5-600 pound range: 1 anvil

6-700 pound range: 3 anvils

700+ range: 1

4 sawyers anvils

There is 9 swage blocks from England and Germany.

If you see a anvil that you want more info on just drop me a line here or call me at 559-760-1601 (10AM to 6PM PST). I will be putting pictures of individual anvils and equipment with prices later.

September 9th CBA Meeting,Urgent Message Part Two

URGENT!! This coming Saturdays CBA meeting has been canceled due to recent nearby fire activity. The Railroad Fire has not progressed the last two days in our direction but I want to be sure to not put any of you in danger if the fire decides to “wake up”. Meetings will resume October 14th. Any questions please call me at 559-760-0092 or message me here.



URGENT!! Please keep a close eye on this page for updates on this upcoming CBA meeting this Saturday. We are under evacuation advisory at this time and I’m in and out of the property at the moment. If the Railroad Fire is still progressing I will cancel the meeting for safety reasons. Look for an update on Thursday.

June 10th CBA Meeting

It is my pleasure to announce that we will have a guest blacksmith from Vista Forge coming for our next meeting on June 10th.
Beth Holmberg will be demonstrating and teaching how to make a “Sticking Tommy” miners candle holder for those who would wish to participate. Forge welding skills will be very handy for thus project.
Material will be provided but if you have tongs for 1/4″ square stock that would help out a lot. I hope to have a supply of the candles too.
I will be limiting this to six people due to time and space constraints.

Please contact me at the above email link or call me at 559-760-0092 if you wish to sign up. No need to sign up if you want to just watch.

1. Mike W.

2. Jim K.





April 8th CBA Workshop/Meeting

With the forecast of rain this weekend we are planning to work inside again. I am short one propane forge so if you can bring one over that would help out a bunch. I will provide the propane tank.

Message me here or call me to confirm if you can bring one.


Thank You!

Edit, 4/8/17 at 2:30PM, heavy thunderstorms came in before dawn but passed before the meeting started. Dry for the entire meeting and now SNOWING at 2:30. Hopefully it will be warmer next meeting!

We Now Have Coal!!

I just picked up 2,500 pounds of good pea sized bituminous coal in 50 pound bags. It will be available for $25 per bag to CBA members. During my trip up to Sacramento to get this I also went anvil shopping and came back with a few that will be available after mid March. One of them is a excellent condition 218 pound Peter Wright. Also a near unused 168 pound John Brooks with matching stand.


February 11th CBA Meeting

Just a friendly reminder that the monthly CBA meeting is going to be this Saturday the 11th here at Wizard’s Workshop & Forge. I myself (Jake) will not be here but you will have Jim Kirby and Ed Scherf as your hosts. Hopefully it dries out by then if not there is a couple of propane forges that can be used inside.

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